Saturday, September 6, 2014

End of summer!

My former home hasn't sold, yet... I have a couple of very nice buyers who are waiting for their own home to be sold which should happen any day now... I hope... 

While I'm waiting, I'm enjoying the end of summer and my flowers!


I've also rekindled my love of sewing, which I had abandoned for years. Why? This is a bit embarrassing but I was sure my old sewing machine was broken and I thought it couldn't be repaired. Once in a while I even looked at buying a new machine but never went through with it.

Well, that's a good thing, since it turns out that I took a good look at it a few months ago and found out it worked perfectly... Duh!  What happened? Gremlins??? Oh well, like the Bermuda triangle, it's just another mystery that will never be solved. ;-)

Sewing is so fast and satisfying, how could I have gone for so long without missing it? I guess I was so busy with the whole house restoration, my husband's illness and everything, that it just escaped my mind...

Since rediscovering sewing, I made myself 5 simple summer dresses and a few tunics, repaired or upcycled clothes I wasn't wearing anymore, bought a lot of fabric, spent a lot of time on sewing boards on Pinterest and following a few sewing blogs!

I also discovered that you can buy PDF patterns on the web. Oh my, how things have changed over the years!  

I also found a nice spot in my workroom for the sewing machine, right next to a window overlooking the St-Lawrence! :-)


  1. Hi, glad you are doing well. I'm sure your sewing is as beautiful as your knitting and gorgeous flowers, Summer isn't over yet...LOL

  2. Hi Tom! I hope you are doing well also and that you enjoyed your summer!
    My sewing is still a bit rusty, but I'm getting there, one slightly crooked seam at a time! LOL

  3. What gorgeous flowers! All the best to you with everything, and enjoy your rekindled love of sewing!

  4. Thank you so much Olgalyn!
    You've inspired me! I plan on sewing with my Passap knitted fabric, very soon! :-)

    1. I'm so glad! And I look forward to seeing what you make. :-)