Monday, June 2, 2014

Selling my former home!

I'm currently in the process of selling my former home (two houses are way too much for one person!!!) and it's taking up almost all of my spare time, I also have a lot of job related work, it's really fun work, but it does impede on the precious few moments of knitting and blogging time I have left. ;-)

Here's a peek at my house:

If you want to see more (I know how much fun it is to look inside other people's homes) here's the English language link.

On the fibre front, the modified Peacock Eyes cardigan has been finished for weeks! I just haven't had time to write a blog post about it, or even to take pictures... Now it's much too warm to wear outside. Yeah!

It fits, it's nice and soft and I love the colour! I'm quite happy about the results. I really shouldn't have waited so long to finish it...

I also made a shawl. It's a mix of the body stitches from Seems Like Old Times and the bottom part of Doris Chan's All Shawl. I made it in very fine cotton thread, held double, and it went fast! It would have been a whole lot faster if my cat Titine hadn't decided to help me, every single time I picked it up!!! That cat really wants to help me when I knit or crochet. You know, she might be trying to ask me for some knitted toy mice...

I made a big shawl so I would be able to wrap up in it. I don't need a skimpy shawl, I need one that's  large enough to look luxurious (and mysterious)!

After a lot of searching on Ravelry and in my stash of old knitting magazines, I've also chosen what my next knits will be!

Let me just tell you what I'll be starting with, it's Liesl, which I'll be making on the Passap. I've looked at the pattern, I have the right yarn and it should be very easy, if I can only find the time!

With everything that's going on, it might take a while before I post pictures of my finished knits or get to finish all those summer clothes projects...

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  1. VERY nice home, it should sell quickly, good luck! I know what you are saying about time to knit, same going on here. And...when I have the time I'm too tired or brain dead.