Thursday, April 24, 2014

What's next?

The Easter holiday was absolutely lovely! My brother and his family came over from Ottawa, my daughter, her boyfriend, as well as my son travelled from Montreal. We had a wonderful few days together, ate wonderful food, laughed a whole lot, enjoyed each other's company and had a very, very good time!!!

Sadly, everybody's gone back home, I'm back to my day to day life and to preparing for summer.

The rain washed away the remaining snow (well almost!), the green grass and the first blooms should follow quickly!

I'm still knitting my modified version of the Peacock Eyes cardigan in a huge amount of Eroica from Steinbach Wolle, I've had in my stash for years. The body and one of the sleeves are finished, so is part of the second sleeve. I should have it blocked, dried and on my back in a few days.
This reminds me that I still need to find buttons...

Here's a sneak peek!

I love that yarn even though it's a wool/nylon mix, it's kitten soft and warm and a joy to work with.

Now, I have to start thinking about what I need to knit next. Should I knit a few light tanks? A summer shawl? A linen t-shirt? I've been going through my summer wardrobe to decide what would be the most useful... I like to wear what I knit!

In the evenings, a shawl would get a lot of use draped over a dress, but I also need cute summer tops to wear with skirts...

Since summer will get here very soon (it better get here soon or else!) I guess the most efficient solution would be to hand knit or crochet a shawl and machine knit the rest. Cotton and linen are so easy to knit by machine, just like butter!

Who knows, I might even machine knit an additional shawl, like this one!


  1. Love it ! That was knit on your machine???

  2. No, with my own two hands and 3mm knitting needles!
    If I had made it on my Passap, it would have been finished ages ago, but it would have been difficult to adapt for the machine since I'm making it up as I go... ;-)

  3. Whatever your next project may be I know it will be beautiful!

  4. Thank you for the vote of confidence Tom! :-)