Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring is here!!!!!!

Wow!!!!! It's 12 degrees celsius today, that's 53.6 degrees fahrenheit for my American readers. Do you know how long it's been since we had that kind of warm weather? Over 6 months, 6 very long and very cold months!

For the first time, this afternoon I went out without a winter coat. I wore a trench coat and would you believe it, I had to come back home to change, because I was too hot! Wow! When your body gets used to a very cold winter, as soon as it gets warmer it feels like t-shirt weather. LOL. Everyone is outdoors and smiling from ear to ear. Happy days!!!

I spent some time shovelling the old snow from my deck, I can't wait to get out the patio furniture and knit outside! A lot of rain will fall starting tonight so the snow might melt faster than expected, it will get muddy but I don't care, I want it to go away, I want the leaves and grass and flowers to start growing! I want it to get green!!! ;-)

This warm weather motivates me to knit on my Penny Candy Tee. I could have worn it today!

As soon as the hand knit version is finished and blocked, I'll have all the information needed to plan a machine knit version or two, one with long sleeves. I've already chosen the yarn!

Here's a glimpse at the candy cane stripes: 

It looks very uneven now (because it's knitted with sock yarn on 4mm needles) but it's going to look scrumptious after it's washed and blocked. My swatch blocked beautifully! :-)


  1. I taste a little tangy citrus in with the peppermint, it's super delicious candy for sure !

    Raymonde, check out this post of mine of a similar project (the sister of Penny Candy, the Pin-Striped Tee) in sock yarn knit on US4 & US6 needles, of how it spreads out in wet-blocking....

    I am so happy & excited you are considering another, long-sleeve version ! I am too, a 3/4 length sleeve & possibly cropped. :)
    Happy knitting xx :)

  2. Everything you knit is beautiful! Ahhh spring for you how wonderful, well deserved indeed. Here, too warm already, 31. C today or 88F. Can't wait to see your project finished!

  3. Jen, that Pin-Striped Tee is adorable!
    Tom, I'm looking forward to 31 C, I'll be in the pool! :-)

    I had to unravel the little bit I knit today, I was enthralled by a great documentary on the Dave Clark Five and I messed up the lace portion of the first sleeve. Oh well, I guess that's what rock&roll does to me! LOL

  4. This is lovely. Love the stripes and lace. Can't wait to see it blocked. : )

  5. Raymonde, I will most SURELY be sending you the very stripey Penny Candy Socks rewrite... as soon as they are done. Promise xxx