Thursday, April 3, 2014

Frogging isn't a four letter word!

You know how sometimes the best ideas (in theory) don't turn out the way you imagined? Well, that's exactly what happened with my colour choices for the Penny Candy Tee.

The Regia and Fortissima were the colours I had chosen for the striped part of the Tee.

Do you notice something?

The two colours are almost exactly the same! Duh!

The stripes didn't come out subtle, they came out almost indistinguishable and since the Fortissima is quite thinner than the Regia, which I hadn't noticed, it made it look too flimsy!!! I knit those stripes for a while, watching tv and not really looking at what I was doing, before realizing that it really was rubbish. So, this morning I frogged it back to the lace portion and have now started making stripes with the Fabel yarn (at the top of the picture) and the Regia at the left. The stockinette part is so quick and easy that I'm almost back to where I was when I frogged and it looks a whole lot better!!!

P.S: I wen't to another yarn store to buy knitting needles and to see what pretty yarn they might have. This is a sample of what I bought, I also remembered to buy the circular needles I needed. ;-)

 Aren't they pretty?


  1. Oh , frogging is definitely a part of knitting I have found. I too just jump into the knitting, and make decisions as I go. Frogging to knitting, like washing dishes to a good meal? :) What color is the lace section Raymonde? So interesting ! I find that the most uncertain combo's of colors sometimes make the win. One thing, just remember, the 'flimsy' is going to give you that really drapey knitted fabric, however, I find that this design being little yarn and big needles, can also have a lot of area to change and customize to bigger yarn on smaller needles.... whatever gets gauge... you're good to go. I am so excited to see your progress mon ami. xx

  2. The lace section is in the coral colour you can see in the last picture. The Fortissima looked really flimsy compared to the Regia, it did not look good, at all. Now, everything has the same lightness! :-)