Monday, March 10, 2014

Hostess gifts!

When I'm invited somewhere, along with the traditional bottle of wine, I always like to bring a special hand made gift. The host or hostess is happy and I end up being invited over and over again! ;-)

It can be something I've canned (my blueberry-chocolate jam is a big favorite), or something I knit or crochet.

On the crochet front, for the past couple of years, one of my go-to choices as been a crochet grocery bag, the famous "filet à provisions". They're really practical, easy to clean (just toss them into the washer and dryer), my friends love them and use them a lot!

I make them in various colours.

Those two are the only ones that are left at the moment... I'd better make a few more...

But, since variety is the spice of life, I thought I should have more crochet choices. So, before I started my sock knitting marathon, I made crochet washcloths in 100% coton to put in my hostess gift stash. Naturally, I also kept a few for myself. ;-)

 Although I don't always use the same crochet stitch, I always put a scalloped edge all around, just to make them look more "finished".

 Hum... There seems to be a photobomb in the making...

One of my cats always tries to be in the picture and since he can't manage to take a selfie (paws are notoriously bad with fine motor skills) he follows me everywhere in the hope that he'll end up being photographed. ;-)


  1. Oh what memoeries. My maternal grandmother who was from Northern Spain always had a "filet à provisions", that we would use when bying bread fresh of the bakers shelves.

    Thank you so much for the video link you left on my blog. I loved it! and will practice the techniques she showed next time.

  2. Since I first watched that video, I've shared it as much as possible. That two handed method makes stranded knitting so much easier and so much more fun to do! You'll love it! :-)

  3. These really are the perfect hostess gifts. I especially love your scalloped edge!

  4. It's funny how often a little detail can change everything. ;-)