Thursday, January 16, 2014

Trying to remember!

Last night, I was just drifting off to sleep, when, out of nowhere, I got a great knitting idea.

You know, one of those fabulous ideas you get when your mind is somewhere in limbo between two states, not really sleeping or really awake? This woke me up a bit since I was sure I'd really stumbled across something interesting. Today, I haven't the foggiest idea what it was...

Has that ever happened to you? I'm going batty trying to remember! The worst thing is that this isn't even the first time this has happened to me! Now, I think I've learned my lesson. From now on, I will keep a pen and paper (or at least my iPhone) on the nightstand to jot down ideas...  My sanity more than probably depends on it!

I can't even remember if it was an idea for a stitch, a pattern, an easier way to make something or what!  For now, all I can do is hope it'll come back to me! Probably when I stop trying so hard to remember.

Not all is lost, all that thinking about what it might or could have been, has made me come up with some pretty cool new ideas, none of which have rang a bell.That probably means that they're not even remotely connected to what I'm trying to remember.

At least, I can write these down before they try to escape! ;-)

I've often told you about my fashion conscious mother. Well, let me leave you with a picture of my lovely mom that was taken last week at a surprise party for her 92nd birthday (yes, she's 92!!!) :

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Woolly cuddles!

I haven't had time to knit very much during the past months, my mother had surgery on her foot with great success, but after that she fell on her replaced hip! Luckily nothing was broken but she had a very hard time walking for a few weeks.

I was also submerged with work and home repairs... My son moved away to go to Theatre School in Montreal, so I decided to sell the other house I have in town, where he was living. Before putting it on the market, I needed to do some work to it, 5 years of roommates and parties sure had their toll!
I also needed to tart it up to increase resale value, so I worked on it for months, seven days a week! I'm almost done and it's going on the market in a couple of weeks.

Through it all, I still managed to make hats, scarves and slippers as Christmas gifts! You know how it is, they come to expect new handknits under the Christmas tree and it warms my heart to know how much they appreciate what I make them and that I'm keeping them cosy all winter long!

Now, before I get too sentimental, let's see what's off the needles and that I have pictures of!!!

I love how the sweater coat I talked about a few months back, turned out. I made it slightly fitted at the waist and very slightly flared on the bottom.

 It's knit with two strands of Drops Puddel and one strand of Briggs & Little Sport.

Puddel is a lovely yarn, but you have to knit a lot slower than usual or else your needles keep getting caught in the loops. In the end, it's worth the hassle because the finished product is so warm, squishy and cuddly!

It was really hard to see it go... I might just have to knit another one to keep for myself...

Alice, the 18 year old who this coat was for, asked if she could have wooden barrel buttons.

 Since the coat doesn't have a collar, I also knit a Chunky Lace Cowl to go with it, using 3 strands of Briggs&Little Regal. It's a cute, easy pattern with big impact and thick yarn on 9mm needles makes the knitting go really fast! Instant gratification!

The lovely and very grateful recipient promised she would email me photos of her wearing the coat and cowl. You can bet I'm holding her to that promise!

Could it be that I might finally show you someone wearing one of my knits??? ;-)

That could be my New Year's resolution... LOL