Tuesday, March 12, 2013

To spin or not to spin and some green...

O.K. I really would like to try spinning. Why? Hum... Probably because I read about it in some blog at least once a day, because I like everything that has to do with yarn, because I also want to be able to play with all the possibilities that spinning offers and lastly, because an old spinning wheel would look really good in my old house! :-)

I'll start with a drop spindle before I invest in anything else. Who knows I might like that enough to satisfy me?

Anyway, before I do anything else, I have to find out as much as I can about old Quebec spinning wheels so that I can make sure that whatever I find is in working order or can at least be repaired.

From what I've read on different forums, old Quebec wheels are very desirable. Lucky me, there easy to find around here!

Mind you, there's no rush, just a lot of stuff to find out about and a lot of looking around for the perfect wheel. So, a lot of fun times!

Meanwhile, I'm still going through my stash and so, I knit another sweater. For me. Yeah!

I have a lot of mohair from a great deal I came across a few years ago, that's what I used for my mother's latest sweaters. But I have a lot left, in many colours and since I love green, here's what I made on the SK120. The bulky is getting quite a workout these days!

This second photo represents the real colour a lot better!

It's a very simple sweater with a snuggly shawl collar. A little brushing and it'll look like a fuzzy green cloud! :-)


  1. Green looks good with blonde hair, Blonde! Nice sweater, great job!

  2. Pretty sweater...I hope you do come over to the side of spinning, it's so very relaxing.

  3. Gorgeous sweater, and really effective photography ! ( I rather like photographing against a door as well :)

    I am a spinner/knitter, and I can't tell you enough how much you will be broadened in your understanding of yarn, just basics, by learning to spin !

  4. Thanks, I"m really looking forward to learning how to spin! :-)