Monday, March 18, 2013

Snow, snow, go away...

I'm waiting for the snow storm, cosy in my new machine knit sweater! Yup! I did it again, I dove head first in my yarn baskets and came up with some cotton chenille. Now, I hate hand knitting with chenille, it has a way of driving a knitter crazy! But, knitting it on a bulky knitting machine is a joy!!! The SK 120 and its ribber performed perfectly. Since the machine is very basic, I hand manipulated the needles to knit the jacquard. It goes really fast when you get the hang of it, really!

It's soft, warm and very cuddly, perfect for the cold weather we've been having and the approaching 30 cm of snow!

It might not be quite clear from the photographs, but I made it slightly trapeze shaped, just because I wanted something swingy, I'm such a girly girl at heart! ;-)

The moose are a personal adaptation of many patterns I've knit through the years. I do love a nice moose or deer pattern, I never seem to get tired of those good old classics.

This is the perfect weekend (or snow day) sweater, nothing fancy, just good old comfort!


  1. Cute moose ! Yay to good ol' comfort ! I am curious, what brand of chenille is the yarn? I"m always on the lookout. :)

  2. I'm really sorry but I don't know... I got a really great deal on two enormous unmarked cones in the attic of an old yarn store. That was many years ago, they have since closed the attic to the public and have gotten rid of most of the yarn to make room for craft supplies. Sad...

  3. Did you need to run a sewing thread along with the chenille to keep it from biasing? OR, did it behave all on its own? This is a darling sweater. I love it.

  4. I knit it with a very fine machine knitting cotton in the same colours. I forgot to mention it... ;-)