Monday, March 4, 2013

How a Bulky can make my mother happy!

I've already told you about my very fashion conscious 91 year old mother.

Well this time she  hinted she could use a nice Chanel type sweater, yellow if possible, to wear when she plays bridge. It seems the room where they play every monday night, is sometimes a bit cold and that a new warm cardigan would be perfect.

She already has many of them but since she always plays with the same people, she says she really can't wear the same clothes all the time! I told you she was fashion conscious! ;-)

So, here is the result of many phone conversations and yarn eliminations:

The edges are bound in knit bands as are the false pocket edges. That's where the Chanel inspiration comes in.

I made it on my bulky knitting machine, that good old SK 120, using some stashed mohair. The honeycomb stitch is in the SK120 instruction booklet.

My mom is happy, chic and warm, so, I'm happy too! :-)


  1. That' s a really beautiful jacket. I'm sure your mother will enjoy wearing it and I wish her good health to continue enjoying her bridge nights and wearing pretty clothes. Please could you explain how you did the bands? They look so neat and tidy. I also like the fastener you have used - I'm trying to learn how do buttonholes which are finished on the machine, but they are quite complicated and I'm considering other ways of fastening jacekts.

  2. First of all, thank you!
    For the band, I just made a plain long strip, double the width I wanted the finished band to be, then I folded it in half lengthwise and sandwiched the edges of the jacket in that folded band which I hand sewed to the jacket. You have to like hand finishing but the results are worth the trouble! ;-)
    I often use clasps and fasteners I find in fabric stores. I think they often look better than buttons and they're a lot less trouble!!! In this case there's also a small hook and eye hidden on the reverse side of the band at the neck to keep the jacket closed, since the fastener is more for show than anything.
    Keep looking, there are a lot of great looking alternatives to buttonholes out there!!!

    1. Thank you for your explanation. I also think that double bands look so much neater but wondered if they would be too thick for thick yarn. Yours look perfect, though. I don't mind hand-finishing and find it quite relaxing.