Thursday, March 7, 2013

Another sweater for my favourite fashionista!

My mother loved her yellow sweater so much that I decided to knit her another one.

I thought it would also make her feel better about her little toe. Her toe had been hurting for a while and although she was sure it was arthritis, it turns out the toe is broken and will probably never quite mend because of her age...

So, a red sweater to lift her spirits seemed to be in order.

Thanks to the SK120 knitting machine and to a well stocked stash, I whipped this up in no time.

 This colour is very hard to photograph...

I did a hand manipulated lace motif at the wrists.

I also did the same motif at the front edges, which I then folded in half to give the edges more body. The neck opening closes with a hidden hook and eye.

Naturally, the same motifs are at the bottom of the vest. Simple but feminine, like my mother. ;-)


  1. Another beautiful cardigan. I'm sorry about your mother's toe. I'm sure her new cardigan will cheer her up, though, and she'll enjoy wearing it.

  2. Very cheerful sweater, I love the colour.

  3. As usual Blonde, another perfect project. A classic that will always be in style!