Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The absolute best knitting bag???

My knitting bag (an old repurposed messenger bag) is too small for my needs. It doesn't have enough inside pockets, it doesn't stand upright on its own, the zipper is now broken beyond repair and I've never been satisfied with it.. I need a new one!!!

I've been looking at luggage, book bags, diaper bags, photography bags, you name it...

Of course I've also looked at real knitting bags, but mostly online...

I've read blog posts and forums on the subject and they made me feel completely inadequate since I only have ONE knitting bag! But, truthfully, I don't need more than one, if it's big enough for one big project and a small one. I never carry more than 2 hand knit (or crochet) projects because I'm never away from home for very long and, if I am, it gives me a good excuse to go shopping for yarn! :-)

My dream knitting bag would be lined, it would have a wide sturdy strap or two, be big enough for a sweater's worth of yarn, have a ton of zippered pockets, at least 2 sections for different projects, a special space for needles, be in a classic and "go with everything" colour and it would be able to stay upright, a bit like those old knitting bags with a foldable frame... I would also like it to be easy to keep clean.

I still haven't found THE bag, the closest I've come is the JanetBasket Eco Bag, there's a great discussion about it here on Ravelry, with pictures of what the bag looks like inside. It's almost perfect but it's been very popular since that discussion started and now, the colours I like are sold out!!!

Do you have or know of a great knitting bag I might fall in love with?


  1. You may want to check out initials-inc.com. They make the perfect bag for knitting, and what is quickly becoming my favorite ever. The bag I like is called "The Get a Grip". It has lots of pockets (on the outside), and comes in many designer fabrics. The real bonus, is they will embroider any name or words in your choice of thread color and font.

  2. Thank you for the link! I like them a lot but they're open on top and on the sides...
    In the cold and snowy climate I live in, I need a bag that closes shut so that I can bring it with me without getting everything wet. I just ordered a bag from The BagSmith which I think I can modify to suit my many weird needs!
    Stay tuned! ;-)