Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Can you have too many sweaters?

While I knit one more sweater, I have time to think about my obsession with them.

I like sweaters! No, a better way to put it would be to say I love sweaters! I love knitting them, I love wearing them (and I do wear them a lot!) and I love giving them to those I love!

I love many kinds of sweaters, in many kinds of yarn but I have a preference for cold weather sweaters.

I can never have too many, so I go on knitting away! It's also a great way to put a dent in my stash... ;-)

Here's the latest warm addition to my winter wardrobe.

It's a short cropped sweater (cute with a skirt or skinny jeans) that I adapted slightly from a Norah Gaughan pattern in Vogue Knitting, Fall 2000 . I haven't seen it on Ravelry, so, I took a picture of the original to show you what it looked like and I'll try to put it on Ravelry. I haven't found out how to do it yet... Update! I've put the pattern on Ravelry!

I added a big turtleneck to make it warmer and because I thought it would be more practical considering the climate around here.

It was a quick, easy and satisfying pullover to knit. Chunky yarn and an easy pattern= almost instant gratification! Who doesn't need that once in a while?


  1. The turtleneck makes it more up to date looking. This would be easy on a 9mm machine! Good job!

  2. I love, LOVE, LOVE that sweater! LOVE it. Uch I still haven't finished knitting the sweater from last winter. It's really expensive yarn but it's ... wool. I don't do well with wool. I LOVE that sweater! And Tom the Machine Knitting Guy is right ... it's the turtleneck that makes it. And the big wide sleeves are great too. Did I tell you I love it? ~ karen!

    1. Thank you Karen!!! I love it too! ;-)