Friday, February 1, 2013

Anything to keep warm!

It was cold last week, so cold that the cat didn't even want to go outside, so cold that the sea smoke over the Saint-Lawrence was like an opaque wall over fifty feet tall!

How cold, you ask? The coldest it got was -40 (that's where farenheit and celsius meet). The warmest was around -25 celsius, -13 farenheit without the wind chill factor... It's very windy here!

It was that cold for over a week, long enough to test a whole lot of gloves and mittens. Well, even though I'm really well equipped for that kind of temperature, I've come to the realization that I don't have anything that keeps my fingertips warm in that kind of cold... None of my mittens or lined leather gloves did the job. My fingers froze in a few minutes every time I went outside.

Since the cold season isn't over and I hate having frozen fingers (it hurts!), this week I'm testing ways to knit super duper hot mittens. The main plan is to try felted, thrummed and lined. I'll keep you posted, I might even need to combine two methods together...

In the meantime, for those nice winter days when you can go cross country skiing, I finished the SnawPaws for my daughter.

To go with the SnawHeid,

The colours don't look the same because of the lighting, but, they are! :-)

I also managed to make good progress on a mitten adaptation of the Inga hat.


On the Passap machine knitting front, I made a scandinavian inspired wool sweater in double knit jacquard for my son:


I made it by combining a few existing cards with some I drew and punched myself.

The snow and cold always inspire me to go with those kinds of knits! ;-)


  1. They are all really nice. I would like to see the wrong side of the sweater if that is possible. I curious as to what the double knit looks like. ;-) Sheryl

  2. I'll post a picture for you tomorrow, when the lighting is better! :-)

  3. Beautiful work. Love the sweater and it should be really warm.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Would you consider posting the card designs? Sending you some Vegas warmth, have all the windows open, gorgeous

  5. Thank you for the warmth Tom! I'll take some pictures of the cards and post them as soon as possible! ;-)

  6. Brrrrr it really has been an old fashioned Canadian Winter so far, we aren't fairing much better on the East Coast. My regular woollen mitts aren't enough right now either, I think I should follow your example and felt or thrum something....beautiful work you're doing.