Friday, February 8, 2013

Remembering Lillehammer!!!

O.K. It's been cold and very windy, so... I've been knitting like a maniac!

Here's what I've come up with this time:

A Lillehammer Winter Olympics inspired knit! Absolutely the best Olympics to spot great sweaters!!!

I took the picture while it was still a little damp, that's why it's flat on its back.

I already had the clasps and I only needed something to sew them on...

Once again, I mixed a few cards and a few colours...

A few hearts never hurt, especially in february...

There's nothing like new clothes to make winter bearable! ;-)


  1. Great colors and pattern combination! Does your design get smaller toward the shoulders or is that just the angle of the camera?

    Keep at it Blonde, you've got talent!

  2. Thank you Tom!!! The slight pyramid shape is due to the angle of the camera. I'll take better photos, eventually... ;-)

  3. Fabulous sweater! That is all. :)