Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

I've been under the weather since the day after Christmas, the flu knocked me to the ground and just kept me there...
But, things are looking up! Between two coughing fits, I've been able to start knitting again!!!

Before that bad bug bit me, Christmas was great! The presents (knitted and not) were a big hit, the menu was a success and a wonderful time was had by all! Yeah!!!

Now, I'm knitting some more things for my son, mother and daughter. They all have their birthdays in january!!! No rest for the knitter...

My mother wants a big huge cowl, my son wants a "Frolicking deers" hat (he was very jealous of those who got one for Christmas but I had already planned on making him one for his birthday) and my daughter wants mittens to match the hats (Inga and Snawheid) she got.

In the meantime, let me wish you a very Happy New Year! I wish all of us health, passion, compassion and enough of a sense of humour to get through 2013! ;-)


  1. I had that flu2 months ago, hits hard huh? Not to mention quick. Feel better soon and glad you had a wonderful Chistmas!

  2. "No rest for the knitter" is so right! I was so relieved when I finished all the gifts I had planned, then I realized that there is a family birthday in January, in February, in April, two in May, one in July... I can't imagine cranking out three more gifts before the next month is out!

    Good luck!