Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Like everyone, I've had things disappear in the mysterious black hole that resides somewhere in my home. The first thing that comes to mind is socks, but we all know that in that case the dryer likes to send them to another dimension...

No, what I'm talking about is those things that just disappear in thin air with no rhyme or reason. You know what I mean? Knitting needles, that last ball of yarn you need to finish your sweater... I even lost a big box of knitting books and Rowan magazines like that. Some nights I can be seen wandering aimlessly, looking for it in very strange places. It haunts me to this day...

Well, something even stranger just happened to me.

Something appeared out of nowhere!

I was rummaging through my big yarn basket, the one I keep in the living room for my current projects and for those I might feel like knitting.

While looking for some white Briggs & Little Sport for the SnawPaws I'm currently knitting, I came across a set of pale blue plastic double pointed needles I've never seen before!!!!!!

This is extremely troubling, because I've never bought pale blue plastic double pointed needles, nobody ever gave me pale blue plastic double pointed needles and no other knitters have come over to my house recently!

It gets even weirder! I completely emptied that basket 2 days ago to put away the yarn that was left from my Christmas projects. There were NO knitting needles in there, blue plastic or otherwise!

Mind you, I don't mind getting needles from some knitting ghost, I just wish it would have returned my books and magazines instead...

P.S: Dear ghost or gremlin or whatever you are, if you can only manage knitting needles, I'd rather get metal or wood ones! ;-)


  1. Oh wow... what a strange but lovely mystery !

  2. Now, I check that basket every day. Nothing else has appeared, yet... ;-)