Thursday, January 10, 2013

Birthday knitting!

Yesterday was my mother's birthday, today is my son's birthday. Luckily, my daughter's birthday isn't for a couple of weeks, that gives me time to knit her two pairs of mittens!

So, I'm making a crochet cowl for my mother, she admired a few of the cowls I made and requested a cowl in thick alpaca like the cowl I made for my daughter.

The only difference is that my mother wants a  bright red cowl! My mother just turned 91!!! No old lady accessories for her! ;-)

I made a "Frolicking deers" hat (only the funny side) for my son. He's crazy about it. He always loves getting hand knits, but this hat is something else, the vintage look almost hides the pattern for a few seconds. Then, when the pattern becomes apparent, it makes people grin and even laugh out loud!

Isn't cuter with a pompom?

Now, for my daughter, I'm knitting Kate Davies' Snawpaws after which I'll adapt the pattern to match the Inga hat.

When my birthday knitting is all done, I'll be free to knit and crochet whatever I want!!! I'm thinking rugs, sweaters and a "Ron Weasley blanket" adapted for the knitting machine (I'm thinking double jacquard maybe?)

I've also started making some pompoms. I have a couple of ideas I want to try out that are going to take pompoms, a lot of pompoms, a huge whole lot of pompoms!!! By the way, I'm finding pompoms to be great stash busters!

Stay tuned!


  1. That Frolicking deers hat is the funniest knit I've ever seen ! Must have been a fun knit !

  2. It makes everyone smile, which is a very good thing! It's a quick knit with a big impact! ;-)