Friday, January 18, 2013

A red, red cowl!

I told you my 91 year old mother asked me to make her a red cowl for her birthday. A bright red cowl in alpaca. Well, being a very good, obedient  daughter, I was happy to oblige!

Here it is:

I photographed it all over the place, trying to find good lighting in this late afternoon sunlight. It wasn't easy...

The stitch is a mixture of double crochet and front post treble crochet. I also made scallops at the top to frame my mother's face. :-)

It's really cold today, - 20 degrees celsius (-4 degrees farenheit) with a wind chill factor of -28 celsius (-18 farenheit), getting even colder tonight, so a warm cowl will be appreciated!

I'm giving it to her this evening when we celebrate both her birthday and my son's birthday with a bunch of friends. I hope she loves it!!! I'll try to get pictures if the restaurant lighting allows it...

The mittens are going well, my daughter should be able to wear them for her birthday next week! She lives 3 hours away and she doesn't know it yet, but I'll be delivering them in person! Yeah!!!


  1. That came out nice. Bet you can do it on the km with tuck stitch and scalloped edge.

    Wow is it cold, stay warm!

  2. The yarn is a bit too thick for my bulky... :-(
    We've just had about a foot of snow today and tomorrow the cold will be back with a vengeance.
    Don't worry about me, my many, many knits keep me warm! :-)