Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wow, mind blown!!!

I've been crocheting since I was 4 and although I'm always learning new stitches, I thought I knew all the basics... Well, it turns out I was absolutely wrong!!!!!!!

While having a look on Pinterest, I stumbled across an intriguing pin. I clicked on it and learned a new way to start a row that's completely mind blowing.

I just had to share, the results are perfect!!!

Go watch how it's done:

And she has a lot more methods to try out! Yeah!

Now, look how good it looks on a cowl I made this weekend. The join is exactly in the middle, can you see it? It's invisible! Isn't that great? And this isn't ordinary double crochet, but I found it easy to adapt the method to this stitch!!!!

        I love that stitch, it's really warm without being too thick. :-)

I also finished knitting the sleeves for my short green cape. They keep me a whole lot warmer.
I wonder why someone would manufacture a cold weather garment that only goes down to the elbows... Oh well...
This picture was taken before I had time to press the cape. I guess it was kind of bunched up on my lap while I was sewing in the sleeves... Oups...

Now, I need to get back to those secret Christmas gifts! ;-)


  1. I love looking at the items you make! You've got a great eye for color, design and texture.

    My grandmother showed me how to do this edge DC, cool huh and can be used for a few stitch types, not just DC.

  2. Thank you for the compliments! :-)
    My grandmother, who died when she was 94 years old, was a master crocheter who did the most intricate work you ever saw and yet she never knew that stitch!!!