Monday, October 15, 2012

I cut my fall sweater and installed a zipper!!!

A few months ago, I hand knit myself a wool sweater. I never wore it because I was terrified,  reluctant to install the zipper it needed,  also, the sleeves were too wide, much too wide... That's what can happen when you make up the pattern as you go instead of planning it out. Oh well, knit and learn...
The yarns are Galway Worsted and Manos Del Uruguay.

I loved the sweater, it was thick and warm, I wanted to wear it! I often looked at it longingly!
Since the temperature is getting colder and colder and I want to be cosy and look cute, I decided to grow a pair and repair the sleeves then install a zipper! This weekend was cold and wet, the perfect combination for a warm sweater. The perfect weather to do surgery on a couple of humongous sleeves and to install my first zipper on a hand knit.

I did it!!!!! The sleeves were quite easy to fix, a lot easier than I had expected! But it took me a long time to get the zipper just right and to make it completely disappear when it's done up! But I succeeded! The patterns also match!

 The pattern was freely inspired by "Three tams".

The sleeves are now a lot narrower! They fit!

Yes, I cut my sleeves! I'd never done it before and it was strangely liberating!

With time, the raw edges should felt a bit...

I sewed the sleeves twice to make sure nothing would unravel. Once with the Galway wool and another time with red sewing thread (because of all the floats...).

It's hard to take pictures of myself all alone, so forgive me for the crappy photos, but this is how it now fits!

It's a snug fit, so that I can wear it under fall and winter coats or jackets.

It's very very warm, much too warm to wear indoors! ;-)


  1. Awesome job on the sweater! Enjoy seeing you beautiful home as always. Boy have you been busy!

  2. You did a great job with the sleeves and zipper. The pattern matches beautifully, and the zipper lays flat (always a challenge for me). Happy Knitting!

  3. Installing the zipper was quite a challenge for me also, it took me more than a few tries! LOL