Thursday, May 10, 2012

A nice dose of Vitamin D!

My Vitamin D cardigan is finished, blocked and took a walk with me this afternoon!!!

I made it longer than the original (7 eyelet rows) which means that the last rows were quite long to knit... Long and a bit boring, but in the end, I do love how it looks and fits.

Since I like it so much, I'm currently trying to figure out how I could machine knit a Vitamin D...

Because of the shape, I'm thinking i would have to knit it sideways, experimenting on swatches to get the right ratio of short rows to straight rows...

I am intrigued by the shape of Ozlorna's :-) Dalek people cosy, it looks pretty close to the Vitamin D. It might only need a bit of tweaking!!! ;-)


  1. I am just now trying to doo i in machine knitting.....