Sunday, May 20, 2012

Market bag.

It was one of my good friend's birthday yesterday. She always asks for something I knit, crochet or machine knit for her birthday gift, and this year she strongly hinted that she wanted a string market bag, like those I use all the time.

Well, I've been making these bags for a few years (they're cute, freakishly expandable, really useful and everybody likes them) but she had never received one!

Although I prefer them in colored cotton, she wanted a more traditional looking "filet à provisions", so here's what I made for her:

I used a combination of different cotton and nylon fibers to make it as strong as possible, since it can hold a whole lot of stuff, as you can see! ;-)


  1. Is there a pattern that you can share?

  2. I just start with about 8 double crochet stitches in a magic loop. Then I make a 3 stitch crochet chain that goes from one double crochet stitch to the next. On each subsequent round I add a stitch to the chain until I reach 6 or 7 stitches (depending on the thickness of the cotton yarn). After that I continue going up and up until I reach the size I want, I make a couple of double crochet rows and handles. There are many patterns on Ravelry if you want more explanations!