Friday, May 4, 2012

Machine knit cape, how to make the split!

I've had a few questions, here and on Ravelry, about how I split the knitting in half to make the cape. I haven't found a way to put stitches in holding position when I'm working in AX/AX on both beds. I also think the stitches would get stretched out as the first half of the cape got longer... So, here's how I do it:

First of all, cast-on stitches using the whole width of the machine.
Once the back is long enough, write down how the pushers are arranged and what color is next. Now, put half the stitches on hold by either transferring them onto decker combs or, if you don't have enough decker combs, you can do the same thing by manually knitting the stitches with thick waste yarn, making the stitches as large as possible. The thick waste yarn will prevent the stitches from unravelling. Remove those stitches from the machine, letting them hang down as you knit the first front half of the cape. Make it 4 to 5 inches longer than the back, to compensate for the thickness of the shoulders.

Rehang the stitches that were on hold, check the placement of the pushers and which color is supposed to be next and then, knit the second front half.

If you have any questions, just ask! :-)

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