Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Decisions, finally!!!

Finally! I've decided what to knit next!!! I've started on the very popular Vitamin D in some Drops Baby Merino I bought over a year ago and never got around to using! It's a very soft, light yarn that I love for spring, especially in this blueish lavender color. After having read a lot about it on Ravelry, I'll be lengthening the sleeves and the body and doing either the German short rows or the shadow short rows, I'll swatch and see which I prefer with this yarn.

While I was rummaging through my stash, I couldn't help but notice how much I seem to love that color! I have four different yarns in different shades of the same lavender/blue, Baby Merino, Galway Worsted, machine knitting cotton and a cotton boucle that knits up looking like thin terry cloth! 

I also found a lovely green yarn, with a beautiful sheen, for a machine knit spring/summer cardigan. I've had it for quite a long time and I have no idea where I got it... It should knit up really smoothly and it has enough weight to give it a nice drape.

I have a lot of it, 12 skeins!!!  I don't know the brand as there are no labels, all I have is the bag in which it was stored, that states the composition. It's a 50% cotton/ 50% rayon mix. I already know the type of cardigan I'd like to make. Now, I have to put all of it through the ball winder and then, knit a few swatches to see which tension gives the best result. :-)

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