Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yarn and snow!

After an unusually warm and sunny week, winter has decided to come back with a vengeance and to stay awhile... It was really cold (-20 celsius!) and really windy for a couple of days and now it's snowing!

Well, all things considered, it wasn't such a bad idea to knit so many wool hats! :-)

Since I'm in a color work craze, I went to my favorite yarn store, Softi, to get more colors of Briggs & Little Sport and Durasport yarn. As I already told you a few days ago, I use all the wool yarns from Briggs & Little a lot! I've been knitting with it since the 70's, when I was a teenager. It was the only pure wool yarn I could afford at the time and everything I made with it through the years, held up beautifully! It comes in more than 40 shades, it's great for hand knitting, it's great for crochet and it's also great for machine knitting!!! What more could you want (or expect) from a really affordable 100% wool yarn? As a matter of fact, I'm not the only one, Schoolhouse Press (you know, Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swanson's little company!) says that Briggs  & Little's Regal is one of their favorite yarns!

In both pictures, I mixed my new yarn with the colors I already had.

There are still many colors I need (or want!) but that weren't available at my LYS. I'll be ordering them directly from Briggs & Little!

Don't you love all the possibilities that yarn offers? So many colors, so many different ways to combine them! The sky's the limit!!!

                                              Just a few of the many possible choices!

My Dollheid (one of many great patterns from Kate Davies) is almost done. It would have been finished a few days ago, if my real life job hadn't interfered so much!

I have a break tonight, I'll be happily knitting away!

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