Thursday, March 22, 2012

A tale of hats...

I've been knitting a lot of hats lately, a lot of which have been miserable failures. You know how it is, you win some, you lose some... It all started when I needed a  hat to go with a short green cape my daughter gave me for Christmas. First of all, I made two different dark green hats in two different yarns and two different patterns (Wurm and Monkey bread) that I made a bit too big... So I had to frog them and before attacking them again with smaller needles, I decided to go for something else entirely, a very clean and simple basic beret. I chose Hanna Fettig's "early morning beret". I was thinking of it as a kind of palate cleanser, something to reset my knitting mojo!

I even chose a very neutral (easy to see) color. I was letting my eyes take a rest after all that dark wool...

When I felt a little better, I knit another Snappy Hat to put me in a good mood. 

Then... It was time to start anew, it was time to knit not one, but two Peerie Flooers!
Yes, I did change the colors, I wanted them to match my coats! :-)

The first one is made of crochet cotton in springtime colors. Since cotton has no elasticity to speak of, knitting it is a bit hard on the hands, so I'm also knitting one for next winter in Briggs & Little "Sport" and "Durasport", because it's a lot more fun and easier to work with! Notice that there is a hint of green in the pattern, so it will be worn with the green cape! Yeah!!!

I love that wool! It comes in a lot of great colors, it's very inexpensive, it's really warm, it's indestructible and  it comes from an old mill in New Brunswick! Granted it's pretty scratchy to begin with, but it softens up and blooms beautifully when you add a few drops of softener (or hair conditioner) in the soaking bath.

I also have a "Dollheid" in the works... Stay tuned!

I'm off to do the crown decreases!!!  

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