Saturday, March 3, 2012

Over dyeing update...

Here's an update on the over dyeing of the February Lady sweater. Well, in Quebec, Kool-Aid is mostly sold during the summer, so it's very hard to find in march! I've looked everywhere, all I could find was orange Kool-aid with sugar added!

I'll be stocking up on it next summer, you can count on that!

In the meantime, I'll be trying food coloring! I've found a lot of links that explain how to do it. It seems that food coloring works just as well with wool. The only problem is the choice of colors... For the results I'm looking for,  this afternoon I'll try dyeing  a few strands of yarn with red and a few strands with blue . I'm not confident enough, as of now, to try dyeing whole swatches, A few strands with different concentrations, will give me a better idea of what I can achieve before I go on to swatches and then, if all goes well, to the sweater!

Keep posted! :-)

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