Saturday, March 10, 2012

Knitting patterns from the past!

Many years ago, I inherited my grandmother's old knitting magazines. Most are from the 30's to the 50's, with a few quite colorful crochet magazines from the 60's.

A sample of the collection.

                                        Out of all of those,  my favorite is from 1939!

Judging by the wear and tear, it probably was my grandmother's favorite as well!

                 It contains very interesting designs, just look at the pleats on that skirt!

  Make only a few small changes and these knits could have been made yesterday!

I could knit one of these skirts a lot faster on my Passap knitting machine...Hmm... Since  I would make them shorter, I could even knit a few of them... Hmm...

A bra, would do wonders for this pullover! ;-)

There's a lot of inspiration in those old pattern magazines and many yarns (unavailable  for a very long time) to drool over:

All those great yarns were 100% wool, extremely soft (I know, I have a few shawls from that era that my grandmother made), offered in many colors, inexpensive and easy to find! How I wish I could go back in time to purchase yarn!!!!!!!!!!

Contrary to popular belief, women did not only use straight needles in those days, my grand-maman said that she used her circular needles to knit dresses and skirts.

This is one example of her old metal wire circular needles. Believe me, they're great , they don't twist on themselves, like our modern circulars do. If you find some in good condition in a flea market, or online, buy them (or tell me)!!! :-)



  1. Knitting is timeless! There are many vintage patterns I like so much more than what you see today. As you stated, just a few alterations and these things would be HOT today!

    Often I buy older books for new inspiration!

  2. I really regret losing a whole box of old knitting and crochet magazines during a move... I only hope someone is enjoying them somewhere... :-)