Sunday, February 12, 2012

A scarf is born!

I've been taking advantage of the cold weather to knit up a (snow) storm!
My friend Line is preparing a puppet theater show about a KNITTER (how cool is that!) and she needed a 35 foot (10,5 meters) long multicolored striped scarf as a prop that the main character knits during the show. Knowing I have knitting machines, she asked me if I could do it, needless to say I agreed!

The scarf had to be colorful, easy care and be able to withstand all the hardships of touring! So, I went to a lot of stores, on the hunt for enough acrylic of exactly the same size, in as many pretty colors as I could find. Let me tell you this baby took longer to block than to machine knit!

I knit it in the round on my trusty Singer SK120 (with the ribber) and here it is:

Let me introduce Felix one of the stars of "La grande Tricoteuse", draped in the scarf...

The show will be touring Quebec soon!

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  1. Omg... puppet shows ! YOu'll never guess, as a youth of about 20, (many moons ago) I wanted dearly to 'become a puppeteer', and made a couple of marionettes... crazy. Your friend's puppet show about a knitter is TOO COOL !