Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar night!

O.K. I'm ready! I haven't seen all the movies that are in nomination, but I've seen enough of them to make it interesting. For the moment, I'm looking through my stash to find the perfect yarn to knit something during the ceremony. I need an easy to knit (or crochet) yarn and an easy to knit (or crochet) pattern. I don't want to knit something I have to look at , I don't want to miss any of the dresses! ;-)

What are you knitting tonight?


  1. This brings a tear to my eye... I don't know why. Your totally bubbling personality, and nobody commented? Well, I am going to sit in... even if 2 years later. I'm knitting some socks... some Penny Candy Socks , pattern to come (changed the old Penny Candy ... it's hibernating... these will be like the tee. Penny Candy Socks on the brain. I wonder who won the xxx

  2. Don't be sad, I had champagne, Oscar dresses and gorgeous men to look at as well as something to knit! :-)