Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm back!

I started this blog a year ago and then I stopped writing. That's because it was a very bad year... During that time, my husband's cancer came back with a vengeance... He was very sick for months and sadly, he passed away.
I've needed time to heal. I'm not back to my old happy go lucky self yet, but I'm getting there, slowly... Keeping busy helps, knitting helps, a lot!
On the knitting and crochet fronts, I made a lot of Christmas presents, hats, scarves, mittens, cowls etc...
I also made a huge granny square blanket for the guest bedroom.
Last month, I moved my knitting room, that is my yarn, books, magazines, knitting machines and assorted paraphernalia from one part of the house to another. I'm now using the whole attic! It's large, full of light and I have a terrific view of the St-Lawrence river while I knit! I love it!
I took advantage of the move to clean my machines. The Passap Duomatic really needed it, I had to remove all the needles and pushers and deep clean the grooves. They were full of lint, no wonder it was getting harder and harder to push the carriage across!
The SK 120 and its ribber needed new sponge bars, a big problem since they're not manufactured anymore. I managed to make some by cutting a strip of tight cell foam rubber insulation in half and squeezing it in the very small metal strip. Yeah! It works!
Now, I need to clean my old circular sock knitting machine and see if it needs to be repaired. It hasn't been used in years! The friend who gave it to me never used it and she inherited it a long time ago, so, who knows when it was used last? I hope to give it a good home and a new purpose in life! LOL
To store all my yarn, I bought square baskets (that fit in the bookcases I already had in the attic) to classify the skeins differently. They're now in big Ziploc bags, according to brand and color. The cones are on shelves, according to yarn composition and gauge.
I love my new work space! I'll be knitting a whole lot more now that I'm so organized!
I'll be posting pictures of my attic soon! Stay tuned!


  1. Raymonde, I am just meandering through your blog, from the beginning, (because I wanted to see more glimpses of your very old house, your knitting, you and your loved ones, .... and stumbled upon this post. I am sorry for your huge loss that year (oh, its April 1st 2014 as I write this, how time flies. Still, hardlly enough. I really enjoy your spark, and wish we were neighbors ! (Just looked up Villa De Quebec on Wikipedia... learned something!) . xxxJen

  2. Thank you Jen! Yes, years have passed but, as you wrote, not hardly enough... Life goes on, it's just lonelier...

    1. Loneliness is a sweet sap which attracts the most lovely friends though.... and I am so glad to have met you !

    2. It must be true since it attracted you! :-)