Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guess what's upstairs!

 It's my new workroom!!!

There's yarn:

Baskets, full of skeins:

There's a vintage Passap D (circa 1949):

(It works in a totally different way than other knitting machines, not much faster than a quick hand knitter... But it sure looks cool!)

There are the machines I work with: a pink Passap Duomatic on the left and a Singer SK120 on the right.

There's also a sock knitting machine that needs a lot of cleaning and TLC:

There's a lot of light and sunshine, a nice view and everything I need to play! Yeah!!! 


  1. I recently picked up a pink duomatic knitting machine from my local tip shop and am desperate to learn how to use it (and totally intimidated) would love it if you could pass on any useful information! jadeunderscorewatkinsathotmaildotcom kindest regard.