Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dreaming of springtime!

Where I live, although the days are getting longer and the past few days have been almost balmy (right around the freezing mark), winter is far from over... I'm really  looking forward to spring, to seeing the pale green of the first leaves, to being able to sit outside on the terrace... In a few months...

Meanwhile, since everything is white outside, I long for the color green! So, I made myself a green cardigan, a flowery green sign of hope:

(I think I really need a dress form to show off my sweaters better...)

I made it on the Passap, then I duplicate stitched the flowers. It's much easier than intarsia for such small areas of color.

It's wool, so it's warm enough to wear right now!!!


  1. Making my way through your posts, in aw of your house, your space, your lovely antiques everywhere. Right, about the dressform, I can't believe you don't own a killer antique dress form already ! :) I thought all this time your blog banner was two sheep (don't ask me how I saw that... Rorshach knitting !!! ;) lol now I see they are violets !

  2. How funny! In fact, now that you mention it, they can look like sheep. If you squint a lot and don't mind the colours. :-)